Title EWSA
Categories Government Agencies
Company name EWSA
Physical address Kigali – Rwanda
Company / Institution Information

EWSA: Energy, Water and Sanitation Authority
Reception: 0252573666, 0252598301, Email:
Water department: 0788307412, Email:
DG Administrative assistant: 0788514029 Email:
Commercial department: 0788645178 Email:
Marketing Section: 0788523029 Email:
Electricity department: 0788307238,
Electricity network: 0788597207
Water network: 0788522406,
EMMERGENCY CALL: Call center   3535

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EWSA is a company that distributes power and water in Rwanda.  As a national utility, the company has been in existence since 1976, as ELECTROGAZ.  ELECTROGAZ was founded in 1939 as “REGIDESO” by the colonial masters supplying water, electricity and gas to RWANDA-URUNDI with its Headquarters in Bujumbura. The company was later divided into REGIDESO Rwanda and REGIDESO Burundi in 1963. In 1976, REGIDESO Rwanda became ELECTROGAZ and was granted the monopoly for the production and distribution of water and electricity in the country. After the 1994 genocide, there was an increase in urban settlements, thus increased demand for water and electricity. The installed capacity for water and electricity supply could not sustain the increased demand, which called for further investments.

In 1999, a law was passed removing the monopoly on electricity and water supply. This encouraged independent power producers to start their operations. In 2003, ELECTROGAZ was placed under a management contract with Lahmayer International to manage and restructure ELECTROGAZ in collaboration with Hamburg Water Works for 5 years. This lasted for only two years and in March 2006 the management contract was terminated and it reverted to the Government of Rwanda. The Board of Directors of the company was asked to appoint new management and restructure the utility to meet the needs of the nation better.  Under the new management, ELECTROGAZ has grown, repositioned and become innovative to serve the customer.  Under law N°43-44/2008 of 09/09/2008, ELECTROGAZ was spilt into RECO (Rwanda Electricity Corporation) and RWASCO (Rwanda Water and Sanitation Corporation). Based on the law no 43/2000 of 7/Dec/2010, the National parastatals charged with water and electricity distribution RECO & RWASCO have been merged and given the name EWSA that is Energy, Water and Sanitation Authority.

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Cell: +250 788772818 Kigali Rwanda